We love creativity! In particular, we love creativity related to VISO Energy. We can go out and hire professional influencers like anyone else, but how do you get your customers engaged as well?

There has to be a reward for that, so instead of sending in caps like the old days, we’ve modernized the system a bit.

We call it Tag for Swag!

VISO wants you to shoot creative TikTok videos or Instagram posts for us. Get wild with it! Have fun and earn cool swag every time we use one of your submissions. We don’t care if you’re a millennial skateboarder, an electrician (God help us!) or an old lady who takes three days to finish her cherished VISO. All are welcome!

Tell the world how much you love your VISO Energy! Tell everyone about the energy levels, the clean ingredients, the delicious cold pressed juices, whatever! As long as it comes from the heart we’ll probably use your submission. :)

Want the swag? Send your content to: submissions@visoenergy.com


- VISO Socials Team