VISO has always been evolving. Flavors, functionalities, packaging, label design, manufacturing processes, all that. We’ve tried it all, learned a ton, failed often and come back with ever better, more technically awesome products as a result.

Founded in beautiful Portland and now based in sunny Miami Beach, the VISO Energy products of today are the finest we’ve ever created and we’re very proud of them. They’re delicious, real, minimally processed, magical little things that work as advertised.

Ours has been a business philosophy that’s more commonly found in fashion or tech. The beverage game is old school, once you’ve got something that sells you NEVER change it. However, if your product isn’t a rapid national success (or if you’re not Coke!) ceasing innovation leaves a small company open to new competitors with better product. Therefore, the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ mentality is what kills 99% of small beverage companies who experience a modicum of success. You get pigeon holed way too early! Hamstrung by your moderate success followed by your company’s demise? Sounds terrible! Yeah, definitely not for us.

So it’s taken a long time to arrive at the VISO Energy of today. You can’t just whiteboard a product like this. It takes trial and error and seeing how your consumers will react. Hearing that subtle message obscured by the noise is critical.

Many of our customers claim that VISO is in a league of its own and that’s precisely because we constantly seek to improve our offerings. While we certainly view other Energy brands as competitors, we do not regard their products as inspirational. Most Energy Drinks are technically speaking, on training wheels. They’re complicated, overly processed, oftentimes comprised of cheap and artificial stuff with one purpose in mind: generate huge profits. We’re all capitalists here, but the end consumer suffers under this regime. At VISO, we understand that a load of money makes up for the shame of producing mediocre product, but how many lives do we have to live here? Why not make the best? Why not dedicate your career to creating product (not just marketing) that’s worthy of your customers’ attention?

VISO Energy is different because we offer product that’s not just best in category, but best in the industry. Compare VISO with any of the fanciest beverages at the fanciest stores and you’ll see that it’s right up there.

But we also wanted VISO to remain accessible, so our margin isn’t half that of other Energy Drink companies. And that’s ok, we’re proud to produce the outlier product which happens to also be the best value proposition in the category. You get a lot for your five bucks. Our loyal customer base understands this, and we love you for it!

So, if you’re sensing that this About Us is leading up to something then here it is. We’ve come to the point of believing that we’ve finally nailed it. Our new package, the drink itself, everything about the product has come together right where we want it. We believe that our customers now have the VISO Energy we set out to create from Day 1. That’s an indescribably good feeling and it’s time to get it out there!

Assuming our customers’ insatiable appetite for awesome, clean, delicious energy continues, we’ll never stop producing the best Energy Drinks in the world!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)

- Al