Why VISO Should Always Be in Your Gym Bag

Why VISO Should Always Be in Your Gym Bag

Optimized Shred Sessions? Just add VISO.

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, I'm sure you're already well-acquainted with the powers of caffeine for providing an extra dose of energy when you’re feeling unmotivated.

Whether it’s getting yourself out the door before sunrise to squeeze in your morning workout, or taking an evening detour to jog in the park when your couch and new favorite Netflix series is calling your name... We could all use some liquid encouragement from time to time.

Not all energy drinks are created equal, however, and even those marketed towards the health and fitness community can do more harm than good if you’re not careful.

Many contain loads of added sugars, unnatural forms of caffeine, and unnecessary additives that boast inflated or blatantly farce benefits. These are just some of the nasties that taint many of the big name energy drinks on the market.

So, we answered the call to make a better-for-you energy drink that fits perfectly into fitness lifestyles! We love looking and feeling great - so naturally, creating VISO Energy was inevitable, and we’re delighted to share our secret for success in the gym. Among other things, our top-notch energy drinks use the highest quality ingredients and pure, natural caffeine to fuel your workout and keep you going all day long.

Here’s 4 reasons why VISO is the ideal companion to get your butt off the couch and into the gym:

4. Unchained Energy, Zero Crash!

Each bottle of VISO contains 300 milligrams of pure, undiluted caffeine to fuel your body without the jitters or crash.

Unlike most of the energy drinks on the market, which use synthetic caffeine made in labs overseas, we source our caffeine from organic coffee beans extracted using spring water. That means you'll get that unmistakably pure energy high without any unpleasant side effects.

VISO Energy

  • Raspberry & Orange Juices
  • 300mg Pure, Natural Caffeine
  • Lively, Sweet & Fragrant

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VISO Energy

  • Cold-Pressed Passionfruit Juice
  • 300mg Pure, Natural Caffeine
  • Tropical, Delicate, Sublime & Sweet

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3. You'll Recover Quicker

VISO's proprietary blend of electrolytes, adaptogens and essential nutrients work in synergy to aid in your fastest recovery..

VISO is packed with immunity-boosting vitamins and cell-repairing electrolytes that are essential to bounce back bigger and stronger than before, while adaptogens like L-theanine work their mind and mood-enhancing wonders for a smooth and productive rush.

VISO Energy

  • Concord Grape & Grapefruit Juices
  • 300mg Pure, Natural Caffeine
  • Sweet, Rich, & Bold

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VISO Energy

  • Lemon, Lime & Strawberry Juices
  • 300mg Pure, Natural Caffeine
  • Refreshing, Distinct & Unique

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2. It's a True Low-Calorie Energy Source

Naturally sweetened with raw honey, each bottle of VISO contains only 90 calories!

No worries here for those watching their weight and wary of high glycemic loads and added sugars - with VISO, feel free to imbibe guilt-free with confidence.

1. VISO's Science-Backed Results

So, how do the experts recommend incorporating VISO into your fitness regimen for optimum results? 

Let’s consult the experts, shall we? It turns out the International Society of Sports Nutrition has asserted their two cents on the matter regarding the efficacy of energy drinks as a workout aid. The non-profit organization stated that imbibing an energy drink anywhere between ten minutes and an hour prior to exercise can “improve mental focus, alertness, anaerobic performance, and endurance in adults”.  Count us in!

As you can see, VISO Energy is an easy choice to toss into your gym bag for a natural performance boost with low calories, special recovery aids, and none of the nasties. We love sipping on it as soon as we wake up, on the way to our workout, and midway through to give us a burst of energy and focus to push through to the end.

The best bit? Unlike other energy drinks that come in a can, our bottles are re-sealable so you can sip on them as fast or as slow as you like, and pop them back in your gym bag without the risk of leaks. This allows you to dose out your energy rush whenever you need it most! With VISO, you always call the shots.

Welcome to the energy revolution,
Maggie Johnson | VISO Wellness Contributor

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