Should We Really Be Skipping Breakfast?

Should We Really Be Skipping Breakfast?

Maybe you’re skipping out on breakfast as part of a diet plan like intermittent fasting, as an attempt to cut back on your daily caloric intake to slim down or regulate your weight.

Or, perhaps you just can’t seem to make the time in the mornings, fighting the alarm clock for those last few Z’s before rushing off to work.

A further possibility, even, could be that you just don’t feel hungry in the mornings, and find yourself needing to work up an appetite before breaking your fast at, well, lunchtime. 

Whatever your reason, it might be time for a wake up call on whether you should really be skipping breakfast…

Skip or Not to Skip?

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First, let’s go over some commonly preconceived notions on the matter of breakfast and whether we should be skipping it or not. The idea is not a new one, and a slew of studies and articles have covered it over the years, each with their own research and evidence gathering methods, conclusions, and inconsistencies with the existing information. 

For example, at the turn of the century, the health, nutrition and fitness communities were met with a wave of unprecedented claims that skipping breakfast leads to weight gain. Along the same lines, eating breakfast was credited with boosting metabolism and decreasing risk of diseases and obesity. As always, it’s important to take these claims with a grain of salt and review the evidence through a critical lens, especially when the source of the information has something to be gained by certain results. 

Without getting too much into the nitty gritty of it, the biggest oversight in these studies purporting the benefits of breakfast is that they tend to assume a causal relationship between eating breakfast and one’s health. The truth is, however, that a truly controlled, high quality study that would be able to determine this causal relation is rare and difficult to perform. 

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Looking at the Big Picture

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Instead, we should adopt a more holistic view and think of the relationship between eating breakfast and overall health as part of a bigger picture. It can be rather interpreted as correlational, in that people who regularly eat breakfast tend to be healthier as a result of their conscious lifestyle choices and nutritionally rich diet, not directly because of their habit of eating breakfast. Conversely, people who skip breakfast tend to be less physically active, and indulge in less healthy habits like smoking and drinking more often.

So, what are we to do with this information? 

Well, the case isn’t closed on the matter of skipping breakfast yet. While the “most important meal of the day” on its own might not be as acutely important as we initially thought, there are still benefits to be gained by paying attention to what you put into your body first thing in the morning, and use it to your advantage to make the most of the day ahead. 

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Why You Shouldn’t Skip Breakfast

Rushing off to work without even a lick of sustenance can result in headaches, drops in blood sugar, faintness and lack of concentration. Additionally, consuming caffeine on an empty stomach can wreak havoc in your digestive system.

Sure, your standard morning cup of joe and croissant can help mitigate these symptoms, but why settle for less when there’s room for so much potential? 

What to Do Instead

So, how do the experts recommend incorporating VISO into your fitness regimen for optimum results? 

Rather than simply staving off fatigue with boring coffee and empty carbs, a bottle of VISO offers so much more, packed with essential vitamins and mind-enhancing adaptogens, paired with pure, natural caffeine and easily-assimilated fruit juices. To make the most of your VISO, pair it with a balanced breakfast or healthy snack that’s rich in protein to power you throughout the day.

Some ideas include whole grain avocado toast, a banana, poached eggs, or overnight oats with greek, low fat yogurt.

The verdict? Whether you eat breakfast or not doesn’t have much effect on your long-term health, with studies claiming so being too uncontrolled or biased in their methods. However, how you decide to start your day can make a big difference on how the rest of your day pans out in terms of your mind and body’s energy, focus, clarity and stamina.

Welcome to the energy revolution,
Maggie Johnson | VISO Wellness Contributor

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