How VISO Energy Compares to Other Energy Drinks in 2022

How VISO Energy Compares to Other Energy Drinks in 2022

Plastered all over our website and social pages you’ll see phrases like “Premium caffeine, premium juices, nothing artificial” and “Non-GMO Verified” - and I guarantee you’ve seen countless other food and drink companies say the same.

To tell you the truth, anybody can download those logos from a search engine and say whatever they want without any evidence to back it up seeing as the FDA doesn’t regulate energy drinks; who’s gonna check, anyways? I’ll tell ya who checks: integrity.

We don’t compromise on the integrity of our drinks, and this ethos echoes throughout our company. We’re not just a soulless corporation trying to make a quick buck or some guy in his basement canning brake fluid and ground up coffee beans from the shop on sixth street; we’re an genuine American-grown small business trying to shake people awake about the horrors of “big energy” and the damage these products have on their consumers through both educating energy drink consumers and providing a much better energy drink.

Think of this writeup as a crash course of our vision, how energy drink giants make their poison they pass off as a beverage, and how we go above and beyond to bring you a delicious energy drink using zero artificial ingredients through a non-toxic process that has legitimate nutritional value.

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Plastered all over our website and social pages you’ll see phrases like “Premium caffeine, premium juices, nothing artificial” and “Non-GMO Verified” - and I guarantee you’ve seen countless other food and drink companies say the same.

We’re trying to give energy drink fanatics something they haven’t experienced before by creating a new category within the energy space of high-end, superior, and premium drinks by only using:

Organic Coffee Beans

Caffeine extracted using spring water

Cold Pressed Juices

A fresh and true taste from organic fruits

No Artificial Anything

Everything is Certified Organic or natural

Proprietary Blend

Vitamin, mineral, electrolyte, adaptogen

And more authentic ingredients and processes I’ll get to later.

Long story short: we want to offer the world a better energy drink than what’s out there, and we’ve gone above and beyond to do so - but to fully comprehend what we mean and understand why we’re doing this, you gotta understand how the other guys make their poison potions.

It’s crazy, man.


Before we get started, I just wanna say that I’m not trying to trash the competition, that’s not what we’re about. All we’re doing here is showing you the toxic ingredients concocted in these potions that somehow manage to survive the nutrient-destroying heat-based pasteurization process used to make it last for years in a can. Let’s start with the ingredients.


All “big energy” drinks have their own special blend of poison, so we’ll just focus on a few of the most commonly found additives.


Found in nearly every energy drink imaginable, taurine is naturally manufactured in the body to be used under stress or physical exertion and is added to energy drinks to combat the anxiety-inducing effects of other components. Humans naturally produce it and so do animals, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

The problem comes from regularly ingesting synthetic Taurine from “big energy” beverages made from the stomach bile of bulls (go figure) in large quantities. This can lead to hypertension, strokes, seizures, and heart disease; it’s because of this that Taurine is banned in some Scandinavian countries.


Another B-vitamin, Riboflavin (vitamin B-2) is also a naturally occurring vitamin in the body responsible for many bodily processes such as maintenance of tissues and regenerating glutathione - we start to run into problems when ingesting a large amount of synthetic Riboflavin found in the most popular energy drinks on the planet.

Surplus Riboflavin becomes free-floating and reacts to light in this form, which can lead to liver dysfunction, damage to the skin’s connective tissues, impairment of mitochondria functioning resulting in cell death, damage to the DNA known to promote the development of skin cancer and aging… I’ll stop there.


Also known as the water-soluble vitamin B3, you can expect to find 40 mg of this synthetic vitamin in most 16oz energy drinks - roughly 2 ½ times the recommended daily intake.

Although the risk for niacin toxicity is low for most, some people are highly sensitive, with regular consumption leading to potential chronic hypotension, fatigue, headaches, nausea, blurred vision, and hepatitis. Yes, hepatitis.

Now you can see why we'll never put any of this toxic mess in VISO - ever.


Now that we touched on only three of the dozens of horrible ingredients found in the most popular energy drinks (imagine what the rest of the ingredients are doing), let’s move onto the barbaric process used to make these drinks taste exactly the same years after they are canned.

Heat-Based Pasteurization

Heat pasteurization is a method used to elongate the shelf life of energy drinks through exposing a giant batch of liquid to high temperatures for a very short amount of time into a sterile container in an effort to slow the growth of microbes.

That sounds fine and dandy and all, except for the fact that the high temperatures alter or destroy the compounds of ingredients in the batch and completely wipes out (kills) non-pathogenic beneficial microbes. 

What effects do these altered compounds and dead remnants of microbes have on the human body? Who knows! As we said before, the FDA doesn’t regulate energy drinks, so it’s anybody’s guess.

In other words, this process boils a large batch of liquid at extremely high temperatures that alters the bad additives in an unknown manner and eliminates the potentially good nutrients and microbes so it can last for years on a shelf.

Enjoy the maybe deadly (but definitely dead) sludge! It’ll get ya there and make sure you come back for more…


Need a minute? It’s crazy, I know - I saw all of this and decided to take radical action against it by starting VISO. Now that you know what’s in the generic energy drink and how they’re made, let’s switch gears and focus on VISO. 


Although each flavor has its own flavor profile, they all share four common factors; caffeine from organic coffee beans, cold pressed juices from organic fruits, a plant-based proprietary blend, and no artificial stuff. Let’s get to it.


Not all caffeine is made the same; at VISO, we go the extra mile to use organic coffee beans that are rinsed off with and soaked in spring water. This water is then collected, the solution is evaporated, and what remains is completely natural, totally organic caffeine.

Each bottle of VISO contains 300mg of this pure undiluted caffeine, the not-so-secret sauce behind that unmistakable VISO rush.

Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

What gives VISO that uniquely satisfying taste that perfectly compliments the energy kick is cold-pressed juices from organic fruits; these delicious juices are what give that subtle sweetness and undiluted taste.

This is why instead of tasting ‘purple drink’ when drinking Dynamo, you taste concord grapes; instead of tasting ‘orange drink’ when trying Star, you taste orange juice. The same applies for all flavors.

Essential Proprietary Blend

Although our proprietary blend is essentially flavorless, it’s key to maintaining the integrity of the flavor profiles. This proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and adaptogens are 100% plant-based and 0% artificial.

 Think of it as a complimentary boost to the caffeine that doesn’t interfere with the delectable taste.

No Artificial Anything

Just because consumers are trained to accept cheap artificial crap in their energy drinks doesn’t mean that it’s okay to use them. We’re here to provide an incredible energy rush that not only tastes good, but also provides nutrition.

Cheaper energy alternatives may be convenient, but people pay for that convenience after drinking them for 15 years. 

When you choose VISO, you’ll thrive from the health benefits instead of paying the consequences from decades of health destruction.

The Process

Unlike generic big energy corporations, we never use heat during the boiling process. As I mentioned above, the heat-based pasteurization processes used generic big energy drinks obliterates any form of nutrition that may have been present beforehand.

High-Pressure Processing (HPP)

At VISO, we never use heat during our bottling process; instead, we opt for High-Pressure Processing (HPP), a nonthermal technique that inactivates harmful pathogens by using pressure rather than heat. This keeps the food chemistry basically intact and has minimal effect on taste, appearance, and nutritional value.

To top it all off, we use bottles instead of cans seeing as the metals used in cans have the tendency to both absorb flavors and leech a metallic taste into its contents.

The healthier it is, the better it tastes.

It’s labor intensive and expensive, which is probably the reason why we are the only energy drink company to do this - but it’s because of this that every bottle of VISO is  a nutrient-dense energy drink with a fresh taste and killer energy kick.

Join the VISO Revolution 

All “big energy” beverages out there are a dinosaur of a beverage, no better than the brown toxic sludge found in soda bottles. Don’t get me wrong, dinosaurs are cool and all, but fossil fuels don’t have a place in energy drinks. (High-fiving myself for that one)

The bottom line is this; with VISO, you don’t have to pollute your body to get a spectacular energy rush, and you don’t have to choose between that and delicious taste. With VISO, you truly can have your proverbial cake and eat it too.

Make the switch to VISO today and get 50% off your first variety pack by subscribing to our newsletter - we’re confident that you’ll love at least one of our flavors and the trademark VISO rush that you’ll join us on our mission to bring conscious energy global.

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