Breaking Down the Six Different Flavors of VISO Energy

Breaking Down the Six Different Flavors of VISO Energy

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Having trouble deciding which flavor you want to try first? I get it, I'm indecisive myself. The good news is that every VISO has the same supercharged rush of energy from 300mg of organic coffee beans regardless of the flavor you choose to go with.

To help you make a more informed decision, we put together this ultimate guide to the six different choices of VISO so you can choose the all-natural flavor of all six blends of cold-pressed juices that’s right for you.


Limes, lemons, and strawberries

For those who enjoy a refreshing taste with their energy rush, VIGOR is your top pick. Ranked from highest amount to lowest, VIGOR features a carefully orchestrated blend of organic key lime juice, lemon juice, and strawberry juice for a mostly tart taste with a touch of sweetness.



Grapefruits and cranberries

The tartest of all VISO flavors, WILL features a unique combination of organic grapefruits and cranberries to bring you a zippy taste to accompany its punch of energy. Ranked from highest to lowest, WILL blends organic grapefruit juice juice and organic cranberry juice for a sharp tart taste.



Grapes, grapefruits, lemons, strawberries

Like to live on the wild side? The quirky taste of DYNAMO is for those who don’t fit any definition who refuse to be categorized. Ranked from highest to lowest, DYNAMO features a taste sensation of organic grape juice, organic grapefruit juice, organic lemon juice, and organic strawberry juice for a taste that’s both tart and sweet.



Raspberries and oranges

RAZOR is for those with taste buds that crave a tart refreshment with a touch of sweetness and a lively start to their day. Ranked from highest to lowest, RAZOR contains organic raspberry juice and organic orange juice for a taste that’s mostly tart with a touch of sweetness.



Oranges and passion fruits

Daydreaming about lounging on a tropical beach? STAR is as close as you can get to the sandy shores and sea breeze with a sun-soaked infusion of oranges and passion fruits. Ranked from highest to lowest, STAR blends organic orange juice with organic passion fruit juice for a mostly sweet taste with a dash of tart.



Passion fruits

If you’re passionate about passion fruit, you’ll fall in love with ORCHID, the only flavor with one cold pressed juice ingredient. One sip of bittersweet ORCHID is just the same as biting into a ripe passion fruit off the vine.

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