Energy Drinks are supposed to make you feel great, and VISO ENERGY does an amazing job of it thanks to a few key reasons. Our Caffeine is the best in the industry. We add 100% RDI of 12 Vitamins, Minerals, and Electrolytes and (very important) we make sure there’s enough water and juice so that VISO doesn’t spike you like more concentrated variants. We only use Cold Pressed Organic Juices and Organic Essences to flavor our products, creating natural flavor profiles which are truly delicious. We never use heat pasteurization when making VISO ENERGY. Our products are as raw as they can be, safely. The results when you put that all together? You get a really tasty drink, you feel great, you don’t have a nasty crash. A smooth yet exhilarating ride.

By using Cold Pressed Juices, HPP, and only organic and natural ingredients, we offer something very unique in the Energy Drink space. We are stoked to have the opportunity to make Energy Drinks without compromise.

VISO ENERGY come in either ‘Low Cal’ or ‘Diet’ variations. We use Organic Coconut Nectar to sweeten our Cold Pressed drinks, and Organic Stevia to sweeten the Diets. Organic Coconut Nectar isn’t used by anyone else because of its cost. To us it’s delicious, very low on the Glycemic Index, and full of nutrients. So yeah, we use it! It’s the ‘best for your body’ Organic sweetener available.

Our Energy Drinks simply taste better than our competitors’. Larger brands all use artificial ingredients to achieve flavors like Cotton Candy, Birthday Cake, Champagne, Coconut flavor (why wouldn’t they just use real Coconut Juice as a base?). We strive to make flavor profiles using only those found in nature, with nature’s ingredients. Simple, elegant, and delicious flavor profiles are the result.

VISO ENERGY costs more than all others because we put very expensive stuff in our bottles. There are LOTS of cheap Energy Drinks out there, and they all seem to be in a race to the bottom. Some of these new Energy Drinks appear to be designed solely based on financial considerations like their margin, and the sick assumption that consumers don’t really care. Drinks like these are full of preservatives, artificial everything, yet claim to be ‘Super Premium’. They lie to you in big print on the front of their cans, and assume you won’t bother reading their ingredients lists. Conversely, we really do hope beyond hope that you’ll not only read our labels but be pleased when you do!

We’re proud to offer unique and incredibly functional Energy Drinks. VISO ENERGY compliments your efforts to achieve healthier living by eating and drinking better foods and beverages. :)


Founder and President