Cold Pressed, Organic Passion Fruits

VISO ORCHID - The bad one...

ORCHID is our flagship, the one you’ve come to rely on when your desire is to have lighting bolts shoot out of your eyes, 17 Oz’s of caffeinated deliciousness that makes everything run right.

ORCHID is made up of a lot of cold-pressed Organic Passion Fruits. We sweeten that tartness up with a little Organic Coconut Nectar to keep the calories count low.

At VISO, we don’t use preservatives, artificial flavors, artificial colors, or heat during production. VISO is Vegan Certified, Non GMO, and Gluten Free. We make the world’s best Energy Drinks because we do things differently than all our competitors. We offer our customers a product without equal, and believe that it’s high time that you can buy an Energy Drink that fits in with all the other good stuff you’re eating and drinking.

Available at fine retailers throughout the PNW and through Amazon.